Procucts :: RR Textile inc
  • 100% Cotton, Karded, Combed, Organic, Pima, Giza etc.
  • All Blends with Single and Multifold yarn which can go for various applications. 
  • Modal and Cotton Modal including Micro Modal / Supima with Tencel Blends. 
  • Bamboo and Bamboo Blends
  • All kind of H.Grey yarn in cotton, Rayon, Polyester Modal, Tencel Etc.
  • 100% Spun Polyester as well as Recycled Polyester. 
  • Poly Rayon Blends as well as 100% Rayon in Open End, Ring Spun as well as MVS Yarn. 
  • Poly / Cotton Blends - which is Intimate (Blow Room) and good for Cross Dyeing also. 
  • Other Specialty yarns like Chennile, Buckle and other Fancy yarn. 
  • Dyed yarns in 100% Cotton, 100% Rayon, 100% Poly and its blends.
  • Fancy yarn with, Injection Slub, neps, taspa etc.
  • All kind of Filament yarn in Polyester as well as Nylon
  • Techinical yarns like High tenacity Poly, Kevlar, Nomex etc.
  • Knitted Fabric
  • Woven fabric
  • Denim
  • yarn dyed checks
  • Blanks for Men’s, women’s and Kids as well as Fashion Garment.